Our Motto:
Satisfaction creates a more open view of things and a solid community


Since we began recruiting people from the public for automotive testing in 2013, we’ve grown from project to project – both as recruiters and as a company.

We know that your time is valuable and want it to be invested wisely. At the end of the test day, we want you to return home from this experience enriched and inspired.

Transparency and a respectful exchange are, for us, a given. Our pet passion: alternative drive technologies

The Team

With a passion for detail and an intuitive understanding of individuals,
we ensure that the right person and the right project come together.

Bianca Mekenjisac
Bianca MekenjisacCommunications, Owner
Individual consultations and guidance: Bianca means it when she says she will answer all of your questions, as well as can possibly be done.
+49 178 33 654 91
Adam Warkentin
Adam WarkentinProject Manager
Project Planning & Optimization: Adam keeps an overview of everything until the desired results have truly been achieved.
+49 152 337 760 44
PerditaPrivate Eye
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