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Become a test participant with Nemo and help to shape the future by taking part in the development of the latest automotive technologies.

What it’s all about:
We are looking for participants to test newly developed vehicles which are not available to the market yet.

The process of developing new vehicles is long and costly and requires a significant investment of time, money and manpower. So, the question of whether the result is then accepted by the consumer – or, better yet – integrated with enthusiasm, can not be left to chance.

What we do:
Our core competency is professional recruiting

What’s really important to us: that you take center stage as a co-creator of the future!

We are looking for your personal experience, your taste, your opinion and your critique here.

We want you to look back at the end of your participative experience and feel both inspired and enriched.

The testing of new vehicle prototypes takes place under special conditions. The signing of a non-disclosure agreement to ensure confidentiality is just as important as our discretion in how we handle your personal information.

We find the right people to match vehicle manufacturers’s projects. We get to know them in a brief face-to-face interview and work together with them to determine which project they are best suited for as an individual.

As the recruitment process is very precise, this in turn leads to optimal results. This is our strength and makes for the mutual satisfaction of manufacturers and participants.

We invite you to become a part of this experience:
become a participant today!

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As an individual who has been selected to be a test participant for a specific project, you have the unique possibility to contribute to the design of a newly developed vehicle model.

You will be the judge of image, design, materials, any odors, haptic characteristics, interior design, accessories and an overall impression.

As you give your feedback, you become a part of the innovation process which at its conclusion reveals a new vehicle.

Essentially, anyone who owns their own vehicle.

There can be many reasons why a person decides to chose a certain car. Older inviduals have different priorities than younger ones, and single invididuals may have different priorities to those who are parents. Women may judge a car differently than men. For some, funtionality may be the most important factor, while for others the design is that which excites them the most.

Every judgment counts.

In the process of testing a vehicle concept, it is essential that as many varying client needs and perspectives are brought together as possible. Would YOU buy the test vehicle? If YES, why? If NO, why not?

Our service:
Full-service automotive recruiting

Our guarantee:
We can assure you entirely that no one wants to sell you anything, neither before or after the testing phase. Your involvement in the process is purely for your evaluation of the test vehicle.

The protection of your data is a high priority for us: all of your statements are evaluated anonymously. Your personal data is handled with the strictest of confidence within the framework of the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR and is used exclusively for its intended purpose.

If something urgent should impede you from continuing your work, you may of course call off your participation in the project. We only ask that you please give us up to 24 hours advance notice, so that we may find someone to seamlessly replace you as a participant in the project.

There will be no expenses accrued. You will receive cash for your anticipated expenses at the onset of your participation – that amount varies from project to project.

After we have found a suitable project for your participation, you will receive a personal invitation which allows you to access the test site.

The time investment typically demanded of a project is between two and three-and-a-half hours.

You will then either drive the vehicle on a selected test track – this is called the “dynamic driving test”, or interactively with help from the newest virtual reality technology. In the case of design studies, your evaluation of the vehicle’s features will be the main focus (haptic and design). In the case of technical studies, the focus is on functionality and new drive concepts.

Our core values:

This is what we stand for!
We will gladly answer any questions you may have and can send you additional information here.

This is what our participants have to say:

I always enjoy speaking with Ms. Mekenjisac. Her professional and all-around pleasant manner of being helps get me in sync with the event. I always feel very well looked after. Many thanks!

Sandra S., Felting workshop

After more than 35 years in sales, I have visited numerous large-scale events. Those events which were organized by Bianca and Adam were well prepared and handled professionally. One gains a very interesting insight into the further development of the cars.
Conclusion: 100% recommendation!!!

Albrecht R., Sales

I have been working in event management for years. As such, I know logistics like the back of my hand: I can praise both organization and implementation. Everything has been great: friendliness, logistics, and implementation.

Walter Hermsen, Pharmaceutical industry